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LEGO Dungeon


This is an example of a LEGO Dungeon, they are designed to be fully modular and interlink so that the dungeon can be as big as your imagination.

This one comprises of 3 minifigures, 2 of which are defenders of the Dungeon who will protect it at all costs, stopping the brave, fearless Knight from crossing from one side to another. As they pass along the trail they must dodge deadly traps including a lava pit which is tricky to do in a suit of armour. Then once they have surpassed that then they must face the brutal ogre with a spiked club. If they can make it past that awesome foe then spikes protrude from the walls to entrap and imaple any passing warrior, fire jumps out from holes to awaken the senses.

Then the final enemy must be defeated which is no easy task as they have a mace and a helmet made of solid steel and many sharp swords.

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