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Goblin's Fortress


(SORRY about the carpet in the first pic) Hi there it's LegoNinja with another project! The Goblin Fortress! The coolest part about this project (in my opinion) is the gateway. It has crossbows on top of it to greet visitors a mile away! If they can get past that there's a creepy skeleton and a pile of bones to greet them as they walk in a falling sword trap. Then if they still haven't run away there's a snake in the doorway, guarding all the goblin's treasure.

The goblin has a one big barrel and one chest filled with treasure. Gold crystals, silver crystals, silver sword, gold goblet, etc. (Sheesh how much treasure does this guy need!?) The last thing about the fortress is the cool watch tower atop the fortress. The goblin also has a bow and arrow in the tower in case he doesn't feel like throwing his sword. Well that's about it, thanks for checking out my project and have a great day! :D