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Bespin Cloud Car


~~From Star Wars Episode 5. The imagery fuels our imagination and spurs our creativity. One of the most interesting things, for me, about the Star Wars universe has always been the amazing designs of the vehicles, creatures and costumes. These that make it come to life from those who live in low-tech and tattered worlds to the high-tech and luxurious worlds. I came to love Star Wars in my youth all those years ago.

When the seventh movie came out I felt like that kid once more. My love of Star Wars had me digging out my books describing the amazing vehicles and ships designs. Many of these never made it into the movies while others are just glimpsed like the T-16 sitting behind Luke in episode 4. You can just make it out when he’s cleaning the droids. Another is the Twin-Pod Cloud Car patrolling the Bespin gas mines.

I wanted to recreate it, but I didn´t know if I could construct it with LEGO in a way to do it justice. I had to give it a try. It took some trial and error to get it the way I wanted it with the tools at hand. There were times I scrapped the design and started over with a clean pallet. Made it with LDDE (LEGO Digital Designer, Extended). Satisfied with my latest design, I decided to submit it project on LEGO ideas. If I had the artistic skills I would have liked to add graphics for the cockpit framework. I hope others would like it well enough that they would love to build it as much as myself.

Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car, the atmospheric vehicle that is used to patrol the skies of Cloud City. They feature the distinctive twin "pods" connected by an Ion engine. It is armed with light blaster cannons. Each car is crewed by a pilot and a gunner. Proposed minifigures for this project are, a security officer, Cloud Car pilot and gunner. There are 400 bricks to this design.

I hope you like it, and if you want to build one of your own, support it and make it happen!



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