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Eragon And Saphire


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Saphire can fire a fire ball just from squeezing her head, her legs, arms, tail, and neck can bend up and down for: Sleeping, flying, standing, or diving. I made her coated in blue like in the movie Eragon.

I gave the saddle the rope part to make the saddle look like it is strung on to her neck, you can turn half of the body side ways as well. I included a sausage for the camp fire because there has to be sometime when he gets to eat.

 there are three urges that come with this set so that eragon and saphire have someone to battle,

eragon has his red sword that was given to him in the film. My idea comes with: Eragon, saphire, three urgals, a campfire, eragon's sword, a sausage, and the fire ball.

Please support my idea if you like the movie or the books and maybe I might make more of this lego.

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