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Imperial Chase SWTOR


Hey, guys! Sorry I haven't uploaded in a bit, had a bit of a slow time starting back up with my new PC, but the upside is now I can work twice as fast and render four times as fast! 

So today we have a nice representation of two well known speeders from Star Wars: The Old Republic, a popular game based around the origins of the Star Wars franchise, the STAP, and the Imperial Speeder! [Attention] I know LEGO has already made an Imperial Speeder, but these are more for smaller play, and more accurate scale [Attention]

Let's take a look at our STAP, everyone remembers the small thin blue air-speeder from the Clone Wars, right? Well this is the original version of it, with the control panel set as an arch surrounding the pilot, with twin thrusters on the sides, and better steering. I don't know why, but the vehicles seem to downgrade every generation. The pilot we have here is a standard Jedi Consular, he would have a cape in the actual set, but LDD isn't too good with neck measuring. The color scheme includes, light gray, metallic silver, and dark gray.

Now onto the Imperial Speeders, we have two of them because why else would the Jedi be running instead of fighting? The imperial troopers are the same from the original Imperial Speeder set, LDD doesn't include their original printing. The speeders are as smoothed out as I could make them while still including all the play-ability functions. The pilot stand has two 1x1 angled plates to make the standing more authentic, because we'd rather ride it leaning backwards than standing straight up, mainly because it's better for our backs. The steering is held up by a nice little handle plate that always makes our day easier. 

This was a fun set to make, and placing the minifigure hands on the handle bars was quite a challenge, but once you learn, it's really easy! Give yourself a pat on the back if you read the description up to this point. 

Of course, please support, share, and I accept any criticism!

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