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Medieval Hulkbuster


Introducing the Medieval Hulkbuster model.  The Middle Ages equivalent of Tony Stark's (aka Iron Man's) famous armor used to fight the Incredible Hulk, this model, unlike Iron Man's Hulkbuster, has a huge cannon arm shaped like a castle wall.

Driven by Anthony of Starketh, who is also secretly Ironeth Man, it features a cockpit in the head, capable of fitting one minifigure, and a passenger seat in the stomach.  There is a medieval grappling hook (with a wheel decoration) on the back for pulling objects larger than itself, and the hand has a repulser ray in the palm.

Also, I found that the head was heavy enough, that, if you turned the Medieval Hulkbuster upside-down, it fell open.  So, I made several hinges that keep the head in place to keep it from doing that.  All you have to do when you want to open the head is open the hinges that keep it down.

If you like this, then please support it!  With your help we can get to 10,000 and make this a real set!

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