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American Girl Doll Store (Modular)

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I designed this modular American Girl Doll Store this past year as a change of pace from my usual creations. I thought it could be a challenging endeavor, and I was right (especially the logo and the interior). The exterior of the design is based on the real-life store in Kansas City. The interior is based on the interiors of the stores in general and features a three story atrium at the entrance. The first floor features a cash register (with a "painting" above it), a bookcase, and space for three "glass" enclosed doll displays. These displays can be removed and interchanged easily. The three currently in the model are a performance stage, a Native American scene, and a southern front porch scene.

On the third floor, there is a small doll hospital, a doll salon (check out the hood hair dryer), and a small kitchen and cafe, all surrounding the typical brick path that you will find in the real stores.

This model is scaled to fit in with other modular sets, including the connectors to snap them together.

First Floor Detail

The display cases can be easily removed and changed out. This could allow for future add-on sets where Lego would sell new display cases or allow fans to create their own additions without changing the original model.

Left to right: A performance stage, a Native American scene, and a southern front porch scene.

The 3rd floor with salon (left), cafe (top right), and hospital (front right corner), all along the brick path.

Side-by-side with my modular Apple Store creation.

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