Product Idea

Home letters

The idea for this projeckt had my girlfriend. Everywhere in our flat are Legos (cars, spaceships, robots). One day she said to me that i should do some dekoration from Lego, when people visit us that they know that we are into Legos. The idea with the home was also from her (i just should build it). When she was searching for some Home letters in a furniture store and couldn`t found some nice one.


The letters a basickly build from the basick bricks and i also try to use the basick colours (red, blus, yellow and grenn). With the letter O in blue i was never satisfied so I build it in some light blue (don´t know the right name of the color).


The creation also schould give the idea from a warm home with your love ones and that with the Legos could play the whole family no matter how old you are.


I hope you like it and thanks for the support.