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Mountain Fountain/ Waterfall - with waterproofed base

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So . . . This is the main project of my idea. Keep in mind, I would place a small fountain pump underneath the mountain itself, with a hose diverting water directly from the waterfall, filling up the lego, 'lake'. This could be one, of many additions incorporating actual water into lego towns/cities. As a huge fan of the lego town/city sets, I've always wanted a lego harbor, with real water to float the ships. The base I made using Digital Designer, was of course made of basic bricks, so it is NOT WATERPROOF. Imagine this, with a large waterproofed base, however the ability to attach, 'Canals' on a waterproofed standard 32x32, "Water Base plate"! Builders could literally build lakes, rivers, canals throughout their lego world. Thanks for checking out my page, please SUPPORT!

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