Product Idea

Chrysler Building

Hello everyone,

Last week I built the new Lego Empire State Building and thought about how many times this building was featured in a Lego set. Then I thought about another building in New York, the other building in the race for the highest building of the time. And I thought by myself that it isn't fair, that there is no stand alone model of this beautiful piece of art deco. I booted up my PC and started building.

So here it is, the Chrysler Building. Designed by architect William van Allen and opened in 1930, it is one of the most recognisable and beautiful skyscrapers of it's time. The original building is 318m tall and has 77 floors. This Lego model is built in scale to the Empire State Building (21046). It is 46cm (18,1in) tall and 12,8x14,4cm (5.04x5.67in) wide. I hope you like it.