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RHM Wutzwerg Supercar


A completely original supercar designed both aesthetically and mechanically by me.  Features a new transmission and more.

Propulsion: 1 x L motor
Steering: Front wheel with 1 x Servo motor and working steering wheel
Drive Type: RWD
Transmission: 4-speed sequential synchronized V2
Weight: 1.3 kg (2.87 lbs)
Length: 41.5 cm (16.3 in, 52 studs)
Width: 18 cm (7 in, 22.5 studs)
Height: 10 cm (3.9 in, 12.5 studs)
Power source: 7.4v 8878 Li-Po rechargeable battery box
Estimated part count: 1800 pieces
Suspension:All-wheel dual-wishbone independent
Opening hood, doors, and engine

V10 piston engine connected to drivetrain through transmission

This is my first vehicle to be built without a real subject vehicle in mind.  It has less of a focus on performance than my other vehicles, with only a single L motor for propulsion.  It also has front-wheel steering with a working steering wheel, a new version of my 4-speed sequential synchronized transmission (old version found here:, and a motorized rear wing. 

For more details, pictures, and an overly long write-up go here:

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