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Obi Wan's Arquitens-class Light Cruiser


the structure

Hello ,thank you for supports!

Here is the structure of the ship it is strong and made one with the rest of the body what gives a very solid ucs set which one can carry with carefully all the same, the red pièces are an integral part of the structure





the interior !

Hello ! first of all i hold has to thank you for supports ! Here is the first one update on the Inside and the minifigs

There is a cockpit with commands in the tower which can include a figurine up ,there is a post of communication there has the left back with a holographic table and computers ,is a hold with box has the right back, there is in the right party in the center a meeting room for diplomatic mission and has the front posts them artillerymen of turret there is in the left party in the center a cartier of the crew with one reads and has the front the armorer's for soldier

the model is made of 3418 briks