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Obi Wan's Arquitens-class Light Cruiser


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hello here is the light cruiser of class arquitens to use by jedi during the clone wars ,the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi use this ship for help Jedi master Eeth Kot captured by the General Grievous in the season 2 it's a magnificent ship of the clone wars and i have to try to build one reproduction of the most faithul, it's a ucs set and he is made of 2802 bricks, he have a base, he have many détail, the turret turns, there are the hatch docking, the reactor, the command, the proportions are right and the Inside is not detailed for the moment, il's not has the scale of minifigures, it's about a complex construction whith a solid structure using lego technic bricks, it's just put on are base and can be to remove of that very easil

The characters proposed with are : Obi wan kenobi, eeth kot, commander cody, a pilot clone, general grievous and two magnaguard

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