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The X-8000 Robot Defender


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This is my first creation, but I think its a good 'un!

This is the X-8000 robot. With a claw-and-gun style of weaponry, this robot is a Bionicle-of-all-trades. It has a gyroscopic torso, 4 wheels, posable limbs, and pegs on the back (excellent for a back accessory). 

One of the main features of this design is its easily customizable with little LEGO knowledge needed. Don't like the head? Replace it with existing Bionicle head or create your own with your spare LEGOs. The head connecter allows both to be feasible ways to add a head. The arms not that great? Replace the weapons to have a kick-butt Bionicle. Have a nice back accessory? Slap it in the back. You can even put spare weapons on the back if wanted. Its overall just nice as is.

Please consider this project. Thank you.

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