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Cuddles the Dog

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Ever wanted to have a dog without having to feed him? Finally, there's a solution for that!



Cuddles is the name I've given to this dog, because I thought the meaning of the word matched the dog really well and that a dog this cute couldn't have a generic name such as Richard... But having chosen this name doesn't mean that people can't provide their ideas, the complete opposite! If you think you have a better name, please suggest it on the Comments section!


This cute little beauty is a West Highland White Terrier that shares some similarities with a fox terrier, which means that it's definetely from the subspiece Terrier. Most of the pieces in this project are white to add cuteness to the model. The trickiest part to design was getting the back legs in the right place and in the right angle. It was also hard to have enough detail without using too many bricks, and I think that for the 364 pieces I used, the amount of detail is great.

Here's a little comparision for you to compare the real and the Lego White Terrier


This model features:

  • 364 pieces in four different colours, most of them in white.
  • Advanced building techniques with 21 ball/hinge mechanisms to be able to put studs in all four directions.
  • A beautiful collar with a golden medal.
  • A lot of cuteness!!


Thanks for taking a look at Cuddles and support this project if you like it!


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