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Fare Well bb-8! You were our last hope. And also may the 4th be with you.

Well guys. We got to 83. Yay! But its the last time bb-8 has had a chance. I will try to repost it but i think lego's new rule won't let me. So yeah unless we make 100 with less than 1 day left. Thanks for supporting it.


Only 19 more

We can Do It. Let's get it to 100. I all know you want it to. If not then lego. Ha in your faces if you think i'm going to give up. Cause i will post this on and on till it becomes a set. I am determined. Now thanks for supporting this. If it doesn't get to 100 stay tuned for another post of this project.


Sugesstions and More.

First of all thanks to all of the 75 people who supported. We are so close to 100 while so far away. We only need 25 more people. 

So if you guys can spread the word and get it to 100 that would be great. 


I plan on making a star wars set. If you have suggestions post them in the comments and i might make them.


To every body who supported

We are at 66! We need to get to 100. we need 34 more people. Please pass on the word make this project achieve 100.

If it doesn't make it then make sure you follow me cause i will post it again and again till it gets to be a lego set.

NO Surrender!




Guys we got to 47 in only 3-5 days. THis is amazing thanks to all 47 people who supported. Lets bring it to 100. I am right now in the process of if i should have an arm attached to it. What you guys think.

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