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Classic Space Comms Tower


These are some drawings I produced (quite a few years ago now) looking at developing something that was in the vein of the classic space theme. This is a comms tower (which is compatible with the moonbase modules at first floor level) including a moonrover which may get it's own listing and maybe a small buggy. The set would include four classic space minifigs. The radar dishes make direct reference to sets 920 and 926. Trans-yellow bricks would be used for the windows. Other bricks that would be used would be 3754p01 and 3754pb01 (or similar/new) in the comm rooms (denoted by light blue), as well as other decorated bricks that featured in the earlier sets (decorated 1x2 brick with classic space logo, white arrow, 2x2 slope/inverted slope brick with computer panel pattern). The moonrover is loosely based on the rover from the 358 set.

For more info and other projects, see the bricklink folder-