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LEGO Star Wars Travel Chess Set



LEGO Star Wars Chess Travel Set Playable Configuration

Star Wars LEGO Travel Chess Set Configuration

The following configuration of Star Wars characters preserves the essence of its narrative ambiance while maximizing design congruence with Chess gameplay:

King: Luke Skywalker is the linchpin of the story
Queen: Princess Leia Organa is true royalty, capable of penetrating deep into enemy lines
Bishops: Ben Kenobi and Yoda are loyal keepers of the Jedi faith
Knights: Han Solo and Chewbacca are galactic pilots riding their starship steeds, always a step ahead of their enemies
Rooks: R2D2 and C-3PO's mechanical moves protect the King (Luke) by castling if necessary
Pawns: Rebel pilots are expendable in the quest to destroy the Death Star, but only one needs to succeed to win the game!

King: The Emperor is the scheming mind behind it all, awaiting the final confrontation with Luke
Queen: Darth Vader is a powerful Vazier plotting destruction across the Galaxy
Bishops: A Royal Guard for the Emperor, an elite TIE Fighter Pilot escort for Vader
Knights: Boba Fett and Greedo are mercenary pilots who show up in unexpected locations. In this game you get to decide who shot first!
Rooks: R5-J2 and Protocol Droids provide a mechanical counterpoint to the rebellion
Pawns: Death Star gunners are ready to shoot down incoming Rebel pilots


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