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Retro Ice Cream Shoppe


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Retro Ice Ceam Shoppe, has a total of 801 building bricks and pieces.Inside the Retro Ice cream Shoppe you have a slush puppy machine with green handle and a lever to pull up and down, a yellow take out cup, a white take out cup, a brown Ice Cream order counter with 3 old fashion foot stools, a blueberry syrup topping jug, a caramel syrup topping jug, a strawberry syrup topping jug, a chocolate syrup topping jug, a cash register with computer, two red draws that open,a white keyboard, a credit/gift card reader, a receipt printer, one Retro Ice Cream Shoppe employee, two customers, a cell phone, a gift card 4 100. bills a quarter, a telephone, three dining tables, six chairs, three Retro Ice Cream Shoppe machines, with flavors of vanilla, bubble gum, and strawberry ice cream,  a ice cream cone holder,  a gray square trashcan, 4 clear windows on the right hand side, 4 clear windows on the left hand side and a exit door, On the outside you have a front enterance, two security cameras, a sybol of Ice Cream for the Retro Ice Cream Shoppe, a black paved parking lot with yellow stripes, green grass to build on, cement colored blocks to start the building. I have always wanted to  try to build a great looking Ice Cream Shoppe that would go great for any set or other ideas. I like how you have to be creative and have a great imagination. I am very proud of how this idea has come out looking like the Retro Ice Cream Shoppes used to back in the day. I tried to make a zebra pattern for the building using only black and white and that would give you stripes. If you like my idea please feel free to share with family and friends and thanks. Happy Holidays!

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