Product Idea

Piadina Brick kiosk

Welcome in Romagna! Welcome to the fantastic Riviera Romagnola!

According to the poet Giovanni Pascoli "Nothing speaks more of Romagna than this bread of ours... it is a symbol that speaks of devotion to our land".

When you are tired and hungry, nothing better than a Piadina Romagnola will bust you up with happiness and love!

Piadina Romagnola is one of the most famous street food in Italy, it is known all over the world, it flew on the International Space Station and only your LEGO city is missing!

Piadina Romagnola is a typical flat bread prepared with poor and basic ingredients: water, flour and pork fat or olive oil. It's origin is in Italy, in particular on the Emilia Romagna coast: the wonderful Riviera Romagnola.
Piadina Romagnola is very easy to prepare and you can fill with whatever you want. The only limit is your imagination!

If you help us to reach the 10000 votes, then also your minifigures can have this fantastic piadina in their cities!

This is of course not a recipe, but the great Piadina Romagnola kiosk: PIADINA BRICK kiosk.
This is the house of the famous street food, it is the place where the piadina's cooks, azdore in dialect, prepare the piadina for your minifigures.

The model is a recreation of a typical kiosk on the Riviera Romagnola. One of the main characteristics of the kiosk is the combination of white and red (or green) strips. They are really mandate and everybody recognise kiosks. 
At the beginning, the azdore prepared the piadina on the streets with portable tables and camp fires. Finally, in the 80's the piadina kiosk were regulated and it became mandate to be recognisable with white and red or white and green strips, colours where differentiated by province. 

Here you have a full model of a typical white and red kiosk. The interior is fully decorated with all the furniture and equipment needed to prepare the Piadina Romagnola.
There is a big front window where the customer order and receive their piadina, on the back there is another window to allow ventilation of the kiosk. 
The main furniture is the big cooking area where the raw flatted dough became the famous Piadina Romagnola.

The set must include at least two minifigures, which are the owners of the kiosk and they prepare the fantastic Piadina Romagnola. The two azdore are:  Mirella and Luisa. Mirella is the owner of the kiosk, she gets the kiosk from her mother, she grew up here. Luisa is the daughter of Mirella and one day she will get the lead of the kiosk.
On the customer side you can have all the customer you want, the more the better!
For the LEGO IDEA, we prepared three characters: 
- Maurizio aka il Birro: the typical Romagnolo latin lover
- Yolanda a foreign tourist
- Chiara a local young girl

This set is a collaboration between Alberto (brickspher), Gioele (gioelebenzoni) and Simone (bissi).

Thank you for your support and join us at the Piadina Brick kiosk.