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Space Lab


On these pictures you see a space laboratory, which is part of a huge observatory station.

The station is located in the outer system and it cycles in an orbit around a strange planet constellation.

It is interplanetary and intergalactic. That means all kinds of astronauts from different species, which inhabit the nearer and farer planets meet there.

The laboratories are frequented by the top specialists with the highest knowledge and the best scientific practice. Their spaceships own the most advanced technologies, so they are able to survive the often adventurous and dangerous trips to far away destinations. The aim is to collect data from all around the galaxy and to receive new informations through profound analysis and indoor experimenting.

The robot is especially designed for his job on space shuttles. He is able to repair misfunctioning features. On his arms he wears extendable tools and specialized sensors.

In this laboratory you see four astronauts, who just brought in their newest findings to compare and analyze.

In the terrarium the scientists try to mix different probes of plants from different planets to create a new species.

I built the set with SNOT technology.

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