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Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

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​​​5000... Thank you all...

In this occasion (as I promised) I'd like to introduce my new version of this Super exotic supercar,  in coupe mode and in BLACK!  With the awesome "trio" colored Italian flag across the middle of the model, I really hope you to like it and enjoy it as much as I do... It looks better than the convertible one IMO.


I'd like to thank all of you again for your support and the nice comments and compliments... 

Also, I'd like to thank all of the great car blogs and websites for their support to my project and the great articles they wrote for my Lamborghini... 

Here're some of them...



Thank you Lamborghini!

In this little update,  I'd like to thank the great Lamborghini Automotive for featuring my LEGO Lamborghini Veneno on their official Facebook page,  it's one of the greatest feelings I've felt in a long time...

Thank you Lamborghini!

​Also, I'd like to thank you all again for the great compliments and the support! Please continue to vote, share and spread the word...  A LEGO Veneno is awesome for sure, so let's make this happen :-)


More than 1000 already in such a short time! 

You guys are amazing, thank you very much for all your support, compliments,  feedback and followings.  To be honest I'm more than satisfied with the results, as it's my first project here on LEGO Ideas,  thanks for all my friends and mates that have already supported, to all the guys here in our company and a very special thanks to my best friend "Issa" for his great effort in promoting this for me and spread the word,  without him it would really be much harder!

Please keep on the great work guys and make sure to share more and more and tell your friends about it, let's make this a reality!  There's only 9 Veneno Roadster cars in the whole world,  let the 10th be  yours ;-)

And if you have any suggestions of other versions with new colors or modifications,  please let me know in the comment section, your suggestions and feedback are always welcome and appreciated.

Thank you! 

Thank you

200 in 2 days! 

Thank you! 

Nothing new in this update,  just would like to thank you all for your support and kind compliments! ​​

Please continue to vote, support and help spread the word with me. 

Unfortunately,  I don't have a lot of connections regarding online communities in general,  so please try to share this on any website,  blog, forum or group that you feel will help this model reach to more audience ... Lets make it happen! 


I'll come up with another version(s) soon, so keep up with this project. Till then,  enjoy this picture.


Kind regards 

Firas ​​