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The Argo, Legendary Greek Ship

Long ago, a group of Greeks, including Hercules and Theseus, with Jason at their head, set out on a long quest for the great Golden Fleece. They went in a ship called Argo. They were so famous that the girls asked their loved ones: "are you as brave as the Argonauts?"
Let me show you the Argo, the ship on which so long and adventurous a voyage has been made.
On the ship you can see the Argonauts themselves, Hercules (a majestic warrior with a beard and blond hair, on whose shoulders there is no lion's skin), Jason at the head and a drummer creating a rhythm for the rowers. The nasal figure is the head of Hydra, previously defeated by the mighty Hercules.
Let's see what are the functional features of the ship:
1) Front Levers extend rows of oars
2) the Oars can simulate the rotational movement of the rowers using the rear gears.
That's why you can recreate part of this wonderful myth with LEGO.
I'm glad if you liked it, especially glad if you support this idea. Good luck and have a nice day!