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Family Tiny House


    This family tiny house is the right size of family and fun! The perfect amount of everything in lego form all in one tiny house!!! This set includes three mini figures. There is a mom, dad and son to complete the fun! There is two fruits included such as a raspberry and orange. There are four accessories including, a camera, mug, briefcase, and teddy bear for good nights and no bed bug bites.

    The exterior has a red roof with a tan outside. There is two windows with white panes to add some natural light. The tires are a nice black with a bit of gray on the insides. The door is a shaded glass with a gray doorknob to tie the whole look together.  

    For the interior, we have a vibrant couch, TV, and coffee table for fun filled afternoons. Then next, we have a kitchen with a stove, sink and storage space. There is a nice window for some birdwatching in the woods and right above, there is a loft with the same colorful fabric from the couch for the bedspread. 

   I hoped you enjoyed this product and be sure to support to maybe see this in stores! Good luck to your products and goodbye!