Product Idea

Clockwork Rebels

(Sorry about the poor picture quality.) Help the Clockwork Rebels stop Consol from activating The RealmFall Device and destroying the world as we know it! The Clockwork Rebels set consists of four characters, four MechaBots, and one platform containing the RealmFall Device.

The Clockwork Rebels

Isaac Finch: The leader of the three, never without his top hat, Isaac Finch is a mechanical genius and an extraordinary marksman. Always wielding his Mark III Tesla Pistol, Isaac is sure to shock his enemies with long range attacks. He also has a powerful jet pack with a built in air-to-ground missile launcher. If he ever loses his pistol, he can always pull out the legendary Sky Stone Scepter to finish the fight. Isaac is always sticking up for his friends, and will never back down from a challenge.

Sprocket McClain: An Ex-Pilot of the Sky Fleet, as well as Isaac's best friend, Sprocket McClain is the epitome of aerial assault. He can pilot almost any aircraft, and can hack almost any kind of machine. He is never without a weapon, since he can just make one out of any parts he finds, and is sure to devastate the skies with his specially made wing-pack. He never gives up on the task at hand, and is willing to protect his friends at any cost.

Robecca Steam: Half-Aether, Half Human, all awesomeness. Robecca Steam is Isaac's friend, (and crush, for you folks who love romance.) and is a powerful combination of both graceful and deadly. Wielding her rapier, she can reduce her foes into ribbons with her swift attacks. She also can enchant various objects using her Aether power to further increase her chances of victory. She has slight difficulty while fighting alongside her friends, thanks to her history with Consol. But she has to push her feelings aside and fight alongside her friends, or die trying.

The Enemies

Consol: Robecca's ex-fiancee and the Fallen Aether Lord, Consol is a dangerous, powerful foe who will stop at nothing until the world is destroyed, and begins anew with him as its king. He believes RealmFall will help him achieve that, and is willing to stop anyone who opposes him, ready to use his short sword, lightning attacks, and shadow abilities to dominate the battlefield.

Clockwork Mechs: These metal giants were created by Consol to serve as his enforcers in the new world, but were activated early to defend the RealmFall Device. Armed with powerful magma cannons, and charged with energy from the RealmFall Device, these titans may be the greatest challenges the Clockwork Rebels have ever faced.


Sky Stone Scepter: Discovered by Isaac during one of his old adventures, the Scepter is a powerful relic that might even match Consol's power. Wielded like a sword, the Scepter is used by releasing beams of energy when the Scepter is swung like a sword. (Kind of like Kirby's Sword Beam attack, but without the actual sword.) The Scepter has a limited power source, and must recharge by absorbing any kind of energy, including life energy. This fact leads Isaac to use it only during dire emergencies.

RealmFall: A powerful doomsday device created by the Aether Council, the RealmFall Device works by absorbing energy, then releasing it in a powerful wave that will span across the entire planet. It obtains most of its energy from either drawing it in with the satellite on top, or drawing it out from the earth below. Unless The Clockwork Rebels can stop it, the world as we know it will be wiped clean.


Specifics: I apologize for the poor picture quality, as I don't have access to any special photo editing software. I built this entirely using Lego Digital Designer, and am hoping to get plenty of supporters. I hope you enjoyed the whole description of the characters. If this were to become a set, i would suspect it to be no more than 20 dollars, since there arent a lot of parts used. I really hope you guys like the model and support it!