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Stranded ~ The Island, The Danger, The Bricks


Lego Stranded!

This idea is made to capture the life of a man stranded on an island after a shipwreck

Set #2 features a tree, some bushes, cherries, and other types of leaves/plants, The minifigure is holding a map, a knife, and has on a satchel

Link to other set:

Reasons this should be a set:

  1. Lego currently has no "theme" featuring a stranded or survival situation
  2. Many movies featuring this classic idea have been extremely successful (i.e. Castaway™)
  3. The simple concept allows the average builder to add on, re-arrange, or rebuild this set
  4. Overall the set immerses you in the adventerous spirit (and maybe the building one too!) 

For link to other set: 

I really enjoyed building this set, and I think you will too :), Enjoy

[I will post updates as necessary, thank you]

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