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Jewelry Store: Lego Modular


We buy and sell gold, silver, diamonds and more! Well...thats the catch phrase of the Lego Modular Jewelry Store. This is a expert model, which was built to fit in with any other creator modular set. And like any other set, it is composed of three stories which fit neatly together, to construct this ornamental design. 

The first story, is built up of ~800 bricks, and houses the jewelry shop part of this model. It also includes custom made displays, an office for the manager, and a unique "checkout" counter. Story two, acts as a library, and includes ~800 bricks once again. Included, are four bookshelves, two desks, and a beautiful brick built floor design. The last story, three, is the roof/attic. This story, is composed of exactly 400 bricks. It flashes, a unique sky-light, as well as an old attic which incloses a tv set, and a sofa. 

Overall, the completed build includes ~2240 pcs, and measures ~ 32 studs (10 inches), by 36 studs (11 inches), by 32 studs(10 inches). It also is home to five custom mini-figures, which are included with this set. It will also include a large number of accessories, unique to this model.

Due to the complexity, and specific piece usage, I was not able to build this model in real life, but instead inside of LDD; I believe the model is still as impressive as ever. Thanks for looking!




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