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Lego City Arena


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I have decided to re-submit this creation. When I first submitted this project I called it Lucas Oil Metradome but now it is being re-named to Lego City Arena. The reason I built this was I wanted to bring sporting events and concerts to my city so I went on LDD designed and ordered the parts to make it happen. Hockey Basketball Arena Football Concerts Auctions and a whole lot more can be hosted inside. The inside contains three levels of seating with the first level holding the blue seats for season ticket holders second level holds red seats for spectators and third level up top is for the less-fortunate. The court is red flat tiled with black flat tiling around representing out of bounds and black flat tiling as a LC logo in the middle of the court. There is also a LC logo on the roof. The entire arena is surrounded by glass so that mini-figs on the outside can see what the inside looks like.

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