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RAH-59 Aurora


About my project:

The RAH (reconnaissance and attack helicopter) 59 Aurora is a helicopter designed mainly for scouting missions. It is armed with 2 machine guns which are placed under the stabilizers on either side of the helicopter. There is a shaft at the rear that when turned it activates a few gears and that turns the rotor blades. the tail can be moved downwards to help with turning the shaft. 

The helicopter has been sent on a scouting mission. However, it is encountered by two opposing guys on hoverboards. You can continue the story...

  • Armament: two 6x studshooters
  • Crew: one (pilot)
  • Rotor systems: 3-bladed main rotor, 3-bladed fan-in-fin anti-tourque system (FANTAIL)

Thanks for taking a look at my project!


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