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White Airplane


White Airplane

Most of the airplanes which is built in lego is made in the Lego City theme or is mostly built by a few, large pieces. Almost every plane is made in a dark colour, and that´s why I decided to make a white plane with a few pink/lavender pieces. 

The colour choice surely doesn´t appeal to everyone, but the build certainly does. As shown in the pictures, It uses a couple of hinges and a lot of slopes to make the body of the plane as realistic as possble. I´ll try to make an update of the plane with a different colour scheme.

The body and shaping of the plane is inspired by one of the most amous british airplanes; The Spitfire. A pair of stud-shooters can easily be added to the plane, if You want to.

As you see, Stephanie somehow sneaked into the images. (:

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Best regards, RedRobin999 (:

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