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RC Articulated City Bus

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I have been thinking for a long time, how it is possible to make a lego city more exciting or how we can bring more life into it. The answer is making remote controlled vehicles at minifig scale!

My third small RC vehicle is a remote controlled bus at minifig scale with a realistic and working articulated part!

You can find a video behind this
. It shows the bus in action and you can see how the motors work inside! The speed is perfect and the steering works quite well, it has no problems in the tight bends of the lego road plates!

I used a lot of interesting building techniques. For example the front is upside-down except the lights! The doors are horizontal and the back is upside-down, too.

The bus is 37,5 cm and 47 stud long and only 6 stud wide!

This picture shows the inside. The battery box is at the back.

If you like this project, please support my other tiny RCs: Routemaster and Daf truck

Thanks for watching!

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