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Hastings Pier


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Hasting Pier was originally built in 1872 at the height of the Victorian Era.  After a long and varied history the pier was famously almost destroyed by fire in 2010.  After a passionate local campaign the pier became a community enterprise and received a lottery grant in 2014 to support the rebuilding of the pier.  The lottery funds along with many local community shareholders (including myself) have ensured that the pier remains at the heart of Hastings.

Hastings Pier reopened to the general public on Wednesday 27 April 2016 and the model shows the rebuilt pier with it's "Big Top" circus attraction that graced the pier this summer.   You can find out more about the history and future of Hasting Pier here...

This set is designed to be part of the Lego Architecture range.  I've always enjoyed the architectural models created by Lego but they often, perhaps obviously, emphasize the human element of the architecture and I wanted to explore nature's part in human architecture - where better to do this than where the sea meets the land and combine that with what some might say is Victorian folly (but very well engineered folly!)

I've rendered a few images here using the POV ray tracing rendering solution (thanks WipeOutZone for the suggestion) - I had to switch from Mac to PC to do this so I'm still getting my head around POV and LDraw, some bricks have not transferred into LDraw and I'm not entirely sure why as most of the bricks seemed reasonably standard - I'll keep looking for the missing bricks!  Consequently I've also included a number of LDD screenshots which show all the bricks.  I've also removed the pier from some of the shots so you can see the sea and the beach elements more clearly.

The model features nearly 1800 bricks and it's a demanding build primarily focused on experienced Lego builders

Having got the bricks into LDraw I was able to upload the model to Sketchfab so you can see the model in it's interactive 3D glory (albeit with a few bricks missing!) - You can see the online interactive 3D model here...

Thanks for looking