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LEGO Queen



"You had your time, you had the power, 
You've yet to have your finest hour,

This model is inspired by music video of “Radio Ga Ga”, released in 1984 - it is probably one of Queen's biggest hits. I made this project to honor one of the most popular bands in the history of music. I think that there are lots of fans that would love to have such set in their collection. 


There are 4 minifigures in this set:

  • Freddie Mercury 
  • Brian May
  • Roger Taylor 
  • John Deacon 

The first part of this set is a vehicle that was used in music video of "Radio Ga Ga". It contains speakers and a piece of paper with some notes made by Freddie Mercury (He had such thing while the band was making the video). The second part of model is a clock also from the video. It is connected to a plate for all minifigures, which looks exactly like this one from the video.

Comments and ideas are appreciated. 

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