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Lego Stobart City


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Eddie Stobart and Lego are both iconic brands. The idea behind this project is to combine these 2 great legends into 1 great product for Lego City creations or indeed Eddie Stobart fans. 

The set currently has:

  • Stobart Rail Flatbed Lorry (Blue Livery)
  • Stobart Fridge Unit and Cab (New 2014 Livery)
  • Stobart Classic Green Unit and Cab (New 2014 Livery)
  • Stobart Tanker and Cab

The cabs are designed to be interchangable allowing you freedom to choose which cab sits with which trailer.  If successful the collection will be able to grow with the addition of Stobart Air and Storage Facilities.  

Another bonus being that the designs can be adapted easily and just like the models can be updated when required in line with the new livery or new vehicle types.

Help start your Eddie Stobart Lego collection today by supporting this great project.

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