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LEGO Technic Seaplane


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LEGO Technic Seaplane. I have been researching this for a couple of weeks and over the previous two weeks I have had a chance to build this over a few sessions. Overall I would have spent around 25 hours on the building / improving process and many hours prior to this researching and designing this MOC. 

My LEGO Technic Seaplane MOC features:
- Front mounted 4 cylinder engine which is connected to the front propeller.
- Moving rudder. This is controlled via side to side movement on the control stick.
- Moving elevators. These are controlled via front to back movement on the control stick.
- Adjustable flaps. These are independently controlled for left and right via two levers inside the cabin.
- Dual purpose skids, with wheels for "on ground" landings.

This is the largest MOC I have built, both size wise and the time commitment for the design and build process. I am really happy with how well this has worked out and it sits well in my LEGO Technic plane collection.

Following some feedback I have now made some changes to this MOC. I have changed the mounting beams of the floats to remove the bottom beams, they are also now connected differently to the bottom of the plane. I have added a black stripe along the side of the cabin and rear section. I have also made some other changes to the body work in places. 

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