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Robot Sentinel


Hello and thank you for viewing this project!

This proposed Lego set contains a brick built robot and a minfig; both presumed to be from a high tech security organisation in the future. When designing the robot I took inspiration from robot themed Lego Designer sets of old. Several interlocking hinge plates are used to make up its frame. The robot is the main selling point of the set. However, the minifigure is essential as it adds an aesthetic touch and extra playability.


The Robot:

  • angular mecha design
  • monochrome colour scheme
  • two chunky energy cannons to blast baddies
  • ultra cool cyclops eye

The Minifig:

  • colour scheme matches the robot
  • rare combination of helmet and visor pieces
  • trusty laser pistol

The set contains 81 bricks. I would expect it to fit in the $10 - 49 price range.
Your support is much appreciated! ^_^

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