Product Idea

LittleBigPlanet 3 - Sackboy, Toggle, Oddsock, and Swoop Battle a Titan!

LEGOs - they open the doors of your imagination and let you make anything you want. They are the tools for your creativity, you use them to create something greater than ever before. Wait...that sounds familiar...

That's it! It's just like LittleBigPlanet! LittleBigPlanet let's you make anything you want, just like LEGOs! Up until now they were two separate things, but now they can become one! But I'll need YOUR help (yes, you!) to make this idea a reality. Here's how you can help: can you see that button up there? You know, the blue one? It says "support"? Yes, that's it! Now, click that button and then imagine how cool having this LEGO set could be!


Hey, everybody, my name is Tyler X. On LEGO Ideas I'm named Ultimate_Exo-Man. Thanks for viewing my project, and (hopefully) supporting it! I'm going to describe the actual LEGO set here.

  • Sackboy - Sackboy would be a character with the smaller legs (or bigger, if you guys would rather.) The design on the torso would just be a sticker, but that head is the gingerbread man's head from the minifigures series, just recolored with the Sackboy sticker. I believe this is necessary since Sackboy's head is supposed to be bigger than his body, hinting at how big his imagination is! You couldn't store an endless imagination in a regular LEGO head!
  • Oddsock - Made out of LEGO pieces, the only new thing is the sticker.
  • Toggle - Again, the stickers are the only new things.
  • Swoop - This character is just a differently colored LEGO bird.
  • The Titan (actual set) - This is part of the final boss battle. The new thing with this is that sticker on its eye. The drills turn, and those two step-like platforms are things the character can "jump" on. The grey pieces would each have smiling, white boxes on them in the form of stickers. I could have put that in the picture, but it's a little crammed so I decided not to. The two peach-colored platforms are solid, but the red one bends down so Toggle can run through it. This is an element from the game. The bomb is a little piece to throw into the Titan machine. I don't really think that's too violent for this set or anything, I mean, LEGO has made their share of minifigure weapons. Finally, that grey-and-white circle on its hat is where the player would spawn in-game.

I will have an article talking more about this set posted on my website. I may also make a video talking about this on my YouTube Channel, which you can find through my website. (Click "YouTube Channel" at the top, and click the picture at the right.) If this set gets popular enough, I may upload the Lego Digital Designer file for a closer look at the set. Thanks again!