Product Idea


This is my latest model and it is, of course one of the fastest electric cars around. I have created sort of replica of the one that beat Lamborghini like it was Fiat in “The Grand Tour”.

Decision to build it was made in an instant after a friend suggested it to me. After all, Rimac central is a 15 minutes drive from where I live so this is the first time I have built something that a “neighbour” of mine built for real.

It doesn’t appear to be but it was the most complicated model to build so far. I have managed to pack in as much functionality as I possibly could. All of which the model really has. It is also a bit educational because in a fun way it shows what the car is equipped with. In a few pictures shown here you will be able to see that you can retract the model’s motors along with the cluster of batteries it is packed with in one click, so you can display it like it has been done for real alongside the model. Included in the whole set also is the charger that lights up when charging is taking place.

Please follow the numbered text as you browse through the pictures

1-5. Small decals have been made to emphasise some of it’s features but I didn’t rely on them too much. That’s why it was really challenging achieving the original looks.

6. A bit of details of the interior

7-8. As hard as the front bonnet was to do, engine parts were a real treat to do.

9. In the back there is a power distribution unit under the bonnet. Once you press it - motors and batteries pop out.

10-11. Motor and batteries which are, of course a part of the car until you retract them from it.

12. Motor and batteries being put back in.

13-15. Charging unit which is a part of the model.