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Minas Tirith

Lord of the Rings creation, my best work, it has taken me a lot of time to create this project. "Gondor calls its sons to defend their home!" Work is really hard, some details were really difficult to build and I am happy to add it at last.

Special thanks to WipeoutZone for rendering the main image of the project

Third floor of the building, the Citadel. Throne place can turn, you can put eating table in the corner or in the center, a memorial.
Second floor - armory and library where Gandalf is looking for information about the Ring.
First floor - the cellar, place where soldiers celebrate their winnings, barrels, dirty floor, something like sink.

The Gate

Minifigs which go with that set are:
Gandalf the White, Pippin, 3 Gondor soldiers, Gondor soldier without helmet, Denethor, a woman and an old man (Gondor people),

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