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Alfaholics GTA-R 290 Twin Spark Engine

Engine based on a Alfa Romeo 75 rebuild by a small company in England called Alfaholics. It is placed in a gorgeous little piece of machinery - Alfaholics GTA-R 290. A car based on an Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 rebuild also by an Alfaholics in a "Restomod Style", maintaining its vintage, analog, italian 60's automotive character.

Engine Specifications:
N/A, inline 4, 2,3l, 240hp at 7000 rpm,

LEGO Engine Specifications:
Black valve cover, Weber carburetor with black air filter, Silver oil filler cap, Grey engine block, Oil pan, Exhaust manifold, Belt, Yellow wiring, Short gearing gearbox.

Hope you like it :)