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Ringed Planet with Moon!


New Smaller Planet Project Available!

Hey guys! It's a little early to admit defeat, I guess, but I think this project will be rolling off to the "Expired Bin" in about a week. For those of you who supported, followed, and shared this project, I just wanted to say "Thanks!". Being part of Lego Ideas has been really educational, and I think I have become a better designer and builder with each new project I do. I also wanted to let you know that I have revisited this concept--the fantasy planet model--and improved upon it, in my opinion. I've tried to incorporate the best features of this larger project into the new smaller one. So continue reading if you are interested!

My new project, "Planet Model", is a true desktop-sized project with less than 500 pieces in total. It is also a quick and relatively easy build, but with enough detail to make it pretty. You can see a rendering of the new project below (the green model), and if you visit the project page and check the updates, you'll see that I have done a rough prototype of that build showing that the connections hold together and that "Planet Model" is actually buildable with real brick. I am in the process of procuring the brick I would need to do a full-fledged, appropriately colored build of "Planet Model", so if you decide to support and follow that project--it is my intention to do a real brick build.

Here's the link for "Planet Model":

So, thanks for the support and follows! I hope that one day, we will have a LEGO planet model set!



100 Supporters and New Render!

Awesome! Ringed Planet with Moon has made it to 100 supporters! So great! Thanks to everyone who has commented, supported, followed, and shared! Here is a project mashup screenshot to celebrate! You can see my Ringed Planet with my other project, Cyberpunk Spaceship! Here ya go:


Large Planet Render! Finally!

Here you go! Five separate renders, and three hours in GIMP...

I decided to change the tile color on the rings to clear instead of the transparent brown! It looked better!

Hope you enjoy it!


Planet Project: Mega Update!

Okay, guys! I've been so busy with my other projects that I haven't spent a lot of time updating this project. I just underwent a full review of the model, and I have significantly reduced the brick count and modified some supports! This project currently stands at 1657 bricks. See the pictures with descriptions below. Also, now that I've done this large update and review, I will be attempting to render an image! Wish me luck with all these transparent pieces!

#1 So here's a close-up of the rings! I wanted to show you all that there is depth--they are supposed to look icy and rocky. I think they will look really amazing when rendered!

#2) Here's a close-up of the moon. I varied the surface in 3 shades of gray to make it look pockmarked!

#3) Here's a close-up of the LDD image with the brick outlines shown. I did my best to eliminate 1x1s.


#4) So here's something really interesting. The supports for the rings. They are highlighted in red for this image, but are transparent in the model.

#5) The supports for the planet itself. These are the bricks that hold on the six side panels and also the central support column. The supports are highlighted in red and yellow just for demonstration purposes, but they are actually blue in the model.


Featured on the ReBrick Blog!

Hey guys! Exciting news! I was chosen to be this week's "ReBricker of the Week". A profile story about my interest in Lego got posted to the official Lego ReBrick blog: This project, along with a few others were specifically featured in the story! Check it out!


50 Supporters!

I'm so glad my planet project has reached 50 supporters! I think this is one of my cooler sculpture builds. I haven't seen anything very similar on Lego Ideas. Thanks to everyone who has supported, followed, or shared the project!

If you like this project, check out my others! I like to design things that are interesting and different, so you'll see some variety!

Thanks again for all the support! BuildFiend


Let's get to 50!

I'm appealing to the Lego masses! Let's get to 50 supporters! If you like this project, please support, comment, and share it! 

Also, please check out my other projects if you're interested! I always try to make unique and interesting sets! Thanks!