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The Food Stand


This model is a food stand. Inside there is a stove, table, and a drink machine. The stove had burgers cooking on it, there is also lettuce and tomatoes cooking on the stove. The windows where the customer’s order, the first one is where they order and pay, the second is where they receive their food. 

I made this because I have always wanted to own a food stand. My first Idea for this project was to make a food truck. This idea didn't work out so I decided to make a food stand. I named it this because it means delicious in Italy. Which is what the food tastes like at this food stand.

This would be a great Lego set because, I think it would be fun to build. And when I built this I thought the food looked real and I was about to take a bite out of it! IF YOU LIKE THIS PLEASE SUPPORT ,THANK YOU!!!