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Frozen Elsa and Anna Keepsake Dolls

"The cold never bothered me anyway." Welcome to my latest project of Elsa and Anna keepsake dolls. If you've seen my other projects, you've seen a bunch of mosaics and stuff. Well I've stopped for now on those and started doing stand up dolls. Both dolls are one sided, meaning if you turn them around you don't see there backs but there faces again. It took about a month to construct both dolls. Elsa is only slightly taller than Anna, but she's older so it looks natural. Many people have asked me "Are you going to do more mosaics and dolls?" The answer is yes, I am planning on taking on more projects and creating more ideas so stay tuned. *Be sure to look at my other projects on lego ideas including Emma's Nursery, soccer field, volleyball court, and even Mickey Mouse

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