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This is the OSIRIS-REx the probe from NASA that was launched 8 september 2016 and is going to get samples from an asteroid and sent them back to earth.
Check here for more info about the OSIRIS-REx:

I build this set because I really like the OSIRIS-REx, it is a cool mission because it is going to be the first asteroid sample return so why not play with the probe  and do the mission yourself.

The set contains the OSIRIS-REx that you can get off the stand so you can play with it, if you don't like playing you can also let it on the stand and put it on your desk. The probe itself has to solar panels that can move in all directions(they are connected with a ball joint). It also contains the arm that is going to get the dust of the asteroid, it is fully retractable and extandeble. Offcourse there is the display stand, it got a sign with OSIRIS-REx on it and a baseplate that looks like an asteroid.

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I hope you like the model!!

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