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Thunderstorm Vignettes


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This is my proposed LEGO set: Thunderstorm Vignettes! It is comprised of three small 8x8 vignette scenes showing a rainstorm, a lightning storm, and a tornado! 

This set is based upon some models I made in LDD that were submitted as part of my previous Ideas submission, Forecast Cubes. I started building my Forecast Cubes set with real bricks and decided that the thunderstorm portions of the set would make a pretty cool little set of it's own, sans the other half of the set and without the extra display elements. As I was building in real life, I also made a few minor alterations in both color selection and the parts used to make the clouds.

Because LEGO does not make clear 8x8 plates, the bases of the real life models shown are comprised of clear 2x1 plates. If the set were made, I would definitely like to see clear 8x8 plates used. Also, to display the correct colors, three parts were painted on the tornado vignette: the tornado was painted gray, and the silo pieces were painted dark orange--both colors that LEGO uses.

If 8x8 plates are used in the bases, the entire set has just under 130 pieces! So it should be very affordable and easy to put together.

Thanks for checking the set out! If you like it, please take a look at my other submissions. Be sure to peruse the Update tab! Thanks, BuildFiend :)

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