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Smeshariki “The Iron Nanny”

Smeshariki(or Kikoriki) is really popular kids show made by Russian animation studio. People all around the world love this show because of bright and interesting characters and philosophical themes which this cartoon try to explain. Smeshariki is really deep cartoon which makes it valuable for people of any age. So, i decided to make my project with two most canonical things from this show- Pink Bench from the 1st episode of this show, and Iron Nanny from 6th episode. Pink bench is kind of a symbol of this show, everything started with it. And Iron Nanny is one of the most remarkable side-character. She’s actually a creepy machine which was made by Pin to serve and help, but she was too caring and attentive so she tried to take care of main characters by wear them diapers and act with them like a nanny with babies! Iron Nanny is a memorable and all-favorite character from this show. In addition i made Krosh(Krash), Ezhik(Chicko) and Pin. I really like how this project turned out. It’s small and cute and would be a great addition for any shelf! Hope you enjoyed this project!

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