Product Idea

Monsters University: Oozma Kappa Fraternity House

The Oozma Kappa fraternity house first appeared in the Monsters University hit movie.  Owned by the doting Ms. Sheri Squibbles, this cozy craftsman home serves as the living and meeting space for her son Squishy and his fraternity brothers.  Mike and Sully can move into the OK House with their suitcase, backpack, and feel right at home sharing a room decorated with a Scare Floor poster.  Along with the Squibbles and Mike and Sully, Art, Terry, Terri, and Don also dwell at Oozma Kappa.  With Ms. Squibbles as the house mother, this home is a place for training, meals, and bonding with fraternity brothers.  Parked next to the house, Ms. Squibbles’ eight-wheeled light grey minivan is always ready for transportation and adventure.
  • Build the Iconic Oozma Kappa fraternity house from Monsters University with a detachable roof and the second floor to allow full view of the floor plans and accessibility to each room.  
  • Ms. Squibbles’ house features three bedrooms, a furnished living room, a functioning staircase, a kitchen with countertop and barstools, custom wallpaper and pieces of art, and more.  Some of the special buildable items are Ms. Squibbles’ sewing machine, stove, washer, and refrigerator that opens.  The boys’ rooms have bunk beds, dressers, and lamps.  And what college room would be complete without posters for the walls?  The living room includes a fireplace, tea set, vintage television, sofa, and chairs as seen in Monsters University.
  • This set Includes Ms. Squibbles and Mike, Sully, Squishy, Art, Terry, Terri, and Don (all members of Oozma Kappa). 
  • Ms. Squibbles’ eight-wheeled light grey minivan provides opportunities for adventure for these college monsters.  
  • This set contains 3000 pieces.

  • Buildable Mini figures include all members of Oozma Kappa (Mike, Sully, Squishy, Art, Terry, Terri, and Don) and Ms. Squibbles.  
  • All Minifigures have custom faces* that accurately depict their characters’ expressions and personalities from the film.  Don, the mature student and founder of Oozma Kappa, sports his glasses, mustache, and Oozma Kappa green polo shirt.  Squishy Squibbles is all eyes and smiles with his OK sweater and a baseball cap on.  Terry and Terri, having expressions as different as night and day, still show their fraternity spirit with their kelly green turtleneck with two neck holes.  Sully is detailed with horns and movable arms. Mike also has movable arms and can take his Monsters University cap on and off.  Art, with his toothy grin and hinged appendages, completes the set.

This project was created by LEGOverwatch in collaboration with Laserbearaar. Work on all aspects of the set was shared equally between the members of our team, including but not limited to: detailing on the inside of the house, design of custom pieces and functionality of roof and projectile launcher, and rendering images.