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Kröte R-319


The Kröte R-319 is Germany's newest Mechanische Tod machine. It is used for sieges and is very useful against infantry. Its heavy armor, ball joint guns, and gatling guns on its shoulders make it a terrifying foe for anyone who dares to even think of attacking it.
The gray robot, Schildkröte T-87 is used mainly as infantry support.

The LEGO Company is severely lacking in mech sets. With the success of the exo-suit that LEGO made in 2014, it is easy to see that LEGO mechs are in high demand.

So by giving this project your vote, you could have a highly detailed and cool mechsuit.

We need 10,000 supporters, and we can only make it with your help.

You can see more of this robot at my <a href=>Flickr</a>

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