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Dance School


Welcome to a fantastic Dance school

This set represents a dance school. When you arrive, Carly (the hip-hop dancer), Amy (the classical dancer), Jacquie (the modern dancer), Piper (the costume designer) and Mrs. Anne (the school's secretary) welcome you together with Princess, the dog mascot, and take you for a tour around the dance school with modern glass windows:

- the secretary office, where Mrs. Anne can give you all details for the inscription

- the comfortable locker room provided with hair dryers, hair brushes, benches, deck chairs for relaxing, toilet, accessories for the outfit and all the necessary to meet the needs of the dancers

- the Studio A with the guitar and microphone, folding fans and maracas for an exotic exhibition

- the Studio B with a ballet barre, a piano for a classical training

- the costume room with stage costumes, colorful wands, wigs

- and last but not least, the wonderful relaxing area on the roof. Going upstairs (through the stair placed on the left side of the school) you can enjoy an ice cream or a milk shake, with round tables, pink beach umbrellas, round chairs, music and a Jacuzzi.

This is a simple construction to build, with classical and nice LEGO bricks you can invent many stories, there are rooms for every style of dance, from classical to musical, suitable for children and for teenagers from 7 to 15 years old and also for adults that can become children again.

I inspired myself to my great passion: dancing. When you work hard at create your OWN dance school, everything changes: from that moment, all people who enter in that mini-door, will become YOUR own dancers.

Enjoy my set!


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