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This small timepiece has always been of interest to me for one reason or another. Something about gravity being used as a means to track the passage of time has always intrigued me.

Perhaps some will see this as a mundane and pointless object, but with sand or a similar material, this could be fully-functional. The design is fairly simple, but (at least I think) elegant.

The top and bottom are completely identical, and are connected by 4 rods feeding into the studs at the bases of each pillar. This ensures stability, but also allows for the top and bottom to be split. The color scheme of the hourglass is designed to look like polished and carved wood with gold highlights as decoration.

Unfortunately, there are no Lego bricks small enough to use as mock sand at this scale, and scaling up to allow this would result in an impractical amount of small bricks being used. Still, this model could make a nice mantlepiece, and adding functionality is far from impractical.

Any and all support is appreciated, and thank you in advance for viewing/considering/supporting/following/commenting/ anything else you can think of!